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Experience seamless AI integration across websites for quick, efficient assistance and increased productivity.

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Gmail 📧

Speed up your email composition and responses with AI-driven suggestions using SecondBrain Extension!

Twitter 🐦

Craft engaging tweets effortlessly and amplify your Twitter presence with SecondBrain Extension's AI assistance.

LinkedIn 💼

Boost your professional networking and content creation with SecondBrain Extension's AI support on LinkedIn.

Facebook 👍

Enhance your Facebook posts and interactions with AI-powered insights, thanks to SecondBrain Extension.

Google Sheets 📊

Supercharge data analysis and automate tasks in Google Sheets using SecondBrain Extension's AI capabilities.

Reddit 📣

Elevate your Reddit contributions and discussions with AI-guided input from SecondBrain Extension.

Add 🤖 SecondBrain Extension 🧠 to your Browser.

In 2 simple steps, you can add SecondBrain Extension to your browser and start using it.

Step 1


Just visit signup and create a bot.

Step 2

Install SecondBrain Extension and Enter BotID

open your bot in and copy the bot id and paste it in SecondBrain. And done! 🎉 SecondBrain Extension is ready to use.